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Customers can give other licensed drivers permission to use the rental car, even though they’re not listed as authorized drivers on the rental agreement ny rental car insurance coverage. Customers can’t be required to have a credit card. A counter agent may be handing over a $15,000 car to a teenager he just met, but he can’t require a credit card. There are also Additional Liability Insurance supplements . If you are worried that your own auto policy has low liability limits, you can purchase extra coverage for between $7 and $14 per day, according to III. It will often cover you for up to $1 million if you cause an accident, damage property or injure others. If you purchase this insurance from the rental car company, it becomes your primary liability insurance. Your own personal auto liability insurance is, again, relegated to excess-coverage status.

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I have "Rental Reimbursement" coverage on my policy auto insurance quotes usa. Does this cover me for damage to the rental vehicle as well? No. The "Rental Vehicle Coverage" under your motor vehicle liability policy should not be confused with "Rental Reimbursement," which is also known as "Transportation Reimbursement" or "Extended Transportation" coverage, which many insurers offer as an optional coverage in combination with the purchase of physical damage coverages. This optional coverage is for the cost of renting a vehicle used as substitute transportation if your own vehicle is damaged and is temporarily out of use due to a covered loss, until it is repaired or is declared a total loss. This type of coverage is automatically provided in the. Your insurer is required to provide you with information about rental vehicle coverage with your policy materials ny state rental car insurance.