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Have to hit done button several time. Mazda 323 626 929 B2200 B2300 B2500 B2600 B3000 B4000 CX-3 CX-5 CX-7 CX-9 Mazda2 Mazda3 Mazda5 Mazda6 MAZDASPEED3 MAZDASPEED6 Miata MX-5 Millenia MPV MX-3 MX-6 Navajo Protege Protege5 RX-7 RX-8 Tribute Tribute Hybrid . LCD flat-screen settlement checks worth half a million dollars remain uncashed, Wisconsin officials say. Heating & Cooling Restore the performance of your heating and cooling system. 99. Learn More Make an Appointment. I was looking for an app to help keep track of what maintenance I have done on my car that I bought last week. We've never really kept track of cars in the past and I am hoping that by doing so I can keep my vehicle running longer and better. I was hoping to find one that would also help set reminders to check or replace fluids and checks.
I was incredibly surprised to see that there is no option to log a change of your wiper blades. Living near Buffalo we get all kinds of weather, ice on the windshield shreds wiper blades so they are generally replaced yearly. It would be nice to keep track especially if it seems like they are being replaced too often then I would know to try a different brand. I hope they add this option as that is a car part that is replaced often.
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Auto insurance is the wild west of compulsory services. If you want to drive, you have no choice but to buy it – but what you pay varies wildly. According to quotes obtained Tuesday from, a 20-year-old male in Winnipeg with a clean driving record would pay $1,396 driving a 2008 Honda Civic DX two-door coupe for pleasure (not to commute to school or work) and compiling 15,000 km/year.

In Toronto, the bill would range from $4,239 to $9,270  – an increase of 664 per cent. The obvious question – why? While it costs more to cover claims in Ontario (the province is plagued by insurance fraud) private insurers claim that the actuarial evidence used to rate drivers shows that males under 25 have the worst statistical record as a group. Consequently, individuals in the 16-to-24 group pay more, even if they’ve never been involved in an accident or received a ticket for a traffic violation. Essentially, young men are deemed guilty until proven innocent – at age 25.

“It’s the last legal form of discrimination.” Public auto insurance programs, such as those in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, take a different approach. Standard rates apply to every driver, regardless of age or gender. Auto insurance is much less expensive for a 20-year-old full-time student in Winnipeg driving the same car as his counterparts in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. The private insurance industry defends the actuarial approach.

“It’s based purely on statistical analysis. It’s like charging more for house insurance in a high-risk neighbourhood. I think people have accepted this. In a public auto insurance system, young drivers are subsidized. In Ontario, young drivers pay rates that reflect their actual risk.” Statistics show that young drivers do cause a disproportionate amount of damage.

The question is whether Ontario’s steep insurance charges for young drivers accurately reflect actuarial data. State Farm Insurance spokesman John Bordignon says Toronto is a “special case”: “It’s got the highest population density, the worst roads, and a high rate of theft. The costs reflect those risks.” Contrary to the public system, in Ontario, Alberta and other provinces, every driver must help bear layers of extra costs. Ontario’s industry is made up of more than 100 private companies that are overseen by a government agency called the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Private insurers say that their system has the built-in advantage of competition: “If you’re not satisfied with your insurer, you can go shop around,” says Karageorgos. “With government insurance, there’s no choice. Private insurance gives you better service.” Not everyone agrees.

After studying the industry for years, CAC concluded that a properly run public insurance system was the best choice, but found itself locked into a debilitating public relations battle with the private industry. “There are some things that should be run by private industry,” says CAC president Bruce Cran. “And there are others that should be in the hands of government. Auto insurance is one of them.
“Everything you buy, every last piece of bread you eat, is carried in a vehicle that has to be insured. So we all pay, whether we have a car or not.” The CAC’s investigation of the insurance industry yielded interesting insights into the way it operates, and why costs are so high. In 2004, for example, CAC learned that private insurers had paid $290-million in secret commissions to insurance brokers who steered business their way. This practice had a direct impact on consumers – instead of hunting for the best price for their customers, brokers sold the policy that offered them the highest commission. A public auto insurance system can offer fundamental business advantages. Most important, a public system reduces overhead costs – instead of multiple companies, each with its own head office, computer systems, etc.
Other significant savings include profit margin (public insurance systems don’t have to pay dividends to shareholders) and advertising – public systems don’t have to budget for TV spots and a talking gecko. Public insurance plans can also control costs more effectively – body shops, medical clinics and towing companies must comply with rates set by the public plan, which wields monopoly power over suppliers. Ontario’s private insurers, on the other hand, face ongoing problems with gouging and fraud. As with U.
health care, the debate over private and public auto insurance has been cast along ideological lines that obscure underlying economic realities. Ontario’s private insurance firms admit that rates here are the highest, yet insist that theirs is the superior business model. CROSS-CANADA PREMIUM QUOTES Using the website on Tuesday, we obtained quotes for a 20-year-old full-time male student, in the 16-to-24 age group. We listed him as principal driver, clean record, living at home, using a 2008 Honda Civic DX two-door coupe for pleasure (not to commute to school or work) and compiling 15,000 km/year. Deductible was $500 for collision and comprehensive, with $1-million liability.
The Manitoba rate was obtained directly from a dedicated website. *Kanetix provides a “lowest rate” but does not identify it until the consumer calls for a quote. If you have questions about driving or car maintenance, please contact our experts at. Car insurance liability coverage is mandatory for driving in Canada.