cheapest cars to insure for first time male drivers

Virtually every vehicle on this list has three things in common: affordability, good safety features and a tendency to be favored by mature, responsible drivers car insurance companies in savannah ga. Not surprisingly, family-friendly vehicles comprise the bulk of the list. sedans , wagons and crossover vehicles have a history of safe drivers and low theft rates, making them a dream for car insurance companies. Stellar crash test scores and low MSRPs help a few small and midsize family-friendly SUVs make the list, including the in the top five.

Inexpensive cars are cheap to insure because they cost less to fix. But the math is much more complex than that. An analysis of how rates are actually set shows there is a labyrinth of determinants. People who want to own a car that is very inexpensive to insure need to take into account a broader array of factors than just its price.

com , 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 15 cars least expensive to insure. On the face of it, most are low-end cars, vans and SUVs. That means the parts for these vehicles are fairly inexpensive to replace. An analysis of the most expensive cars to insure confirms that logic. Luxury sedans with price points over $100,000 can cost three times more per year to insure than inexpensive ones. But the price of the car is just the start of the calculation. Cars that are mostly taken on short family outings cost less than a car that can travel 200 miles per hour. Danise explained that in the case of many cars with low insurance rates, the drivers “are probably hauling a family and doing local errands — the kind of driving where you’re not going out to long commutes on a highway or driving out late at night, when crashes are higher.”. Now it's time to look at one of the biggest cost factors, insuring your teen cheapest cars to insure for first time male drivers.

top 10 cheapest cars to insure for first time drivers

Oklahoma’s Workers’ Comp Opt-Out, 180-Day Cutoff Ruled Unconstitutional. The Kia Rio is one of the cheap cars to insure for small families, with its 5-door Air model in car insurance group 1 and several other models in groups 2 and 3 top 10 cheapest cars to insure for first time drivers. The Rio has received praise for its ample boot space and low CO2 emissions. There's a new version of the Ford Edge this year, but it's the older 2014 model that is earning the low insurance rates seen here.

The key factor, of course, is to choose a model in a low insurance group, which is why we've gathered together 10 of the very cheapest cars to insure. Mii or Skoda Citigo, but it’s classier inside and should hold its value. 50 a month is what you should pay for full coverage if you have a clean record. If you arent married they screw you over. For the Dodge Journey SE, it has a lot to do with its low theft rates, which once again rank among the lowest 10 in the country at just 0.

However, just because the Journey ranks low on thieves' radars doesn't mean its sales aren't climbing. Its combined North America sales (all models, not just the SE, considered) have jumped from roughly 59,000 units in 2008, when it was fully introduced, to more than 110,000 units last year. Subscribe to our email newsletter and automatically be entered to win. We like: Rear-engined, rear-wheel drive cars.