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Car insurance is getting cheaper, according to a new report, but finding the cheapest cars to insure for 17-18 year olds is far from easy. Yes, the new “black box” technology can hep reduce premiums, but buying the right car in the first place makes all the difference. The cheapest cars for teenage drivers aren’t necessarily the ones they want to drive, but not everyone can afford the best new small cars, so we’ve listed the 15 cheapest cars to insure for young male and female drivers. This is based on customers aged 17-18 who quoted on Confused.

We’ve only listed cars valued between £600 and £10,000 to prevent the average premium being skewed by extremely cheap or expensive cars. The average used is the median and we’ve only included cars which at least 1,000 customers have quoted for, so your own quotes may be lower or higher than the figures here depending on your individual circumstances. The older you are the less your insurance will be, and factors such as being married can help reduce your premium. 20: Citroen C3 – average premium: £2,275 The 20th cheapest car to insure is the Citroen C3.

com website, the average customer paid a premium of £2,275 19: Citroen C2 – average premium: £2,269 The Citroen C3’s sportier three-door sibling, the Citroen C2, costs 50p a month less to insure than the C3. Go on, treat yourself. 18: Nissan Micra – average premium: £2,266 The Nissan Micra is more of a car teenagers’ mums would be proud to see in, but if they can spare their blushes, it will cost them £2266 a year to insure. 17: Suzuki Swift – average premium: £2,238 The Suzuki Swift is the superbike of the supermini sector: revvy engines, lightweight build and loads of thrills. Let’s hope insurers don’t find out what a blast it is, and push up premium prices. 16: Fiat Seicento – average premium: £2,230 The Fiat Seicento is now very old and, according to period crash safety tests, far from safe.

even at £2,233 a month, insurance will still cost thousands more than the car. 14: Volkswagen Beetle – average premium: £2,222 The retro Volkswagen Beetle bring a funky interior and Volkswagen-grade integrity without costing a fortune to insure. And if retro isn’t quite cool enough… 13: Rover Mini – average premium: £2,163 … The Rover Mini offers genuine old-school style as even models built in the late 1990s dated back to the 50s! Maybe not as cheap to insure as you’d think though, as we’ll see. 12: Hyundai i10 – average premium: £2,141 The boxy Hyundai i10 is no looker but it’s a cheap, reliable motor that doesn’t cost much to insure. 11: MINI One – average premium: £2,101 How about this – the modern MINI One costs over £50 a year less to insure than the real thing! As it’s bigger, more comfortable, faster, greener, more reliable and easier to drive, maybe it’s the more tempting option for 17-18 year olds? 10: Vauxhall Adam – average premium: £2,089 The brand new Vauxhall Adam is cheaper than any other Vauxhall to insure for a year – yes, even baggy old Corsas.

8: Suzuki Alto – average premium: £2,018 Like the Hyundai i10, the Suzuki Alto isn’t very cool but is very reliable – and is pretty cheap to insure too. 7: Kia Picanto – average premium: £2,001 The last car costing more than £2,000 a year for 17-18 year olds to insure is the Kia Picanto. Teens may prefer the second generation one above though, rather than the boxy original. 6: Fiat 500 – average premium: £1,985 Dropping in under £2,000 a year to insure for 17-18 year olds, the Fiat 500 is another retro recreation that couldn’t be cooler.

No bad thing, even if the second generation car pictured above is far cooler than the slightly anonymous original. 4: Ford Ka – average premium: £1,858 The first generation Ford Ka used to be everywhere, but rust is quickly withering them. The second generation car, pictured above, isn’t anywhere near as good, although it is cheap to insure. 3: Citroen C1 – average premium: £1,750 Fancy a Citroen C1? It’s a safe bet for insurance, coming in at £1,750 for 17-18 year olds. Come on, Foxes, it’s not that bad a choice! 2: Peugeot 107 – average premium: £1,722 Peugeot obviously attracts safer and more sensible 17-18 year olds: it’s otherwise identical to the Citroen C1, but costs just a fraction less each year to insure.

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With a few exceptions, all states require drivers to have some auto insurance coverage, but whether or not you purchase a comprehensive plan, or other optional add-ons, is up to you cheap car insurance for under 25. If you’re insured with Esurance, you could actually save money by electing not to use their roadside assistance program. Drivers in most states who choose another service – like AAA – can save up to 5% on their premium. We've reviewed numerous quoting services to bring you the best two car insurance in fredonia ny.
Simply enter in your zip code and get free quotes from providers in your local area that offer the best rates. Level of insurance premiums being offered can vary according to the state in which you reside. So find out how much various insurers are charging on cheap auto insurance for drivers under 25. Besides, if you are planning to move out of state, then you may also check insurance rates provided in that state.

Many people happen to be out of college or university for at least 3 years and also have regular work. When individuals have got numerous financial and personal obligations they are really more prone to be better drivers. It is because individuals take the process of operating a car a lot more seriously once they have more to lose. When you are below the age of 25, it could be always advisable to think of buying cheaper vehicles. Such a proposition could help you to qualify for the lowest premium rate.