adding spouse to car insurance after marriage

As was noted above, some insurance companies do lower the premium based on marital status alone, regardless of how many cars you have adding spouse to car insurance after marriage. It would seem that if you are married, Geico is not the best insurance company to stick with. If you have separate policies and you want to minimize your spouse's effect on your rates, you can name her as an excluded driver. That's a commitment to your insurer that your spouse isn't going to drive your car. If she does, your policy won't cover any damages.
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does car insurance go down after marriage

According to Mike Barry, spokesman for the nonprofit Insurance Information Institute , insurers have long been interested in the way marriage, gender and age may affect insurance rates -- and the general consensus has been resounding does car insurance go down after marriage. Well at lot of companies have an “engaged couples discount”, which would cause a not-so-significant drop when you do get married. Also depends on your age (cheaper if 25 or over) and if you have younger people on the policy (people under 25 tend to jack up the price because they are a bigger liability). It also depends on the state!. Your neighborhood and where you park your car overnight affects your auto insurance premium fhcf assessment on car insurance.