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Drivers from all other areas must show proof of insurance or purchase our collision damage waiver why get fully comprehensive car insurance. Check to see if your credit card provides “primary” or “secondary” coverage . With secondary, if you get into an accident or something happens to the rental car, your credit card issuer is going to insist you first run any claims through your personal insurance. Only then will it kick in and pick up the “extras.”.

Petersburg is a haven of sandy retreats. Perhaps just as important as its beaches is the city's distinction of being the birthplace of commercial aviation and Major League Baseball training. Living on the Cheap in the Media mx5 second car insurance. © 2012-2013 Living On The Cheap rental car insurance rates florida.

Plus, it's just not nice. If you have your own full coverage insurance on a late model vehicle from one of the major insurance companies, they may very well cover our rental car . In this case, only you and your insurance agent can determine what is in your best interests. If you decide to decline our coverage options, you must show proof of full coverage insurance that will cover our vehicle at the time of rental.

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Reserved a car online with Dollar at the Las Vegas airport, filled out all the information and check off that I did not need additional insurance, cost was to be $150.00 (not counting taxes). The woman at the desk was very hard to understand, I had to ask her repeatedly the same question. I was asked if I wanted insurance and I replied no.

00, asked her to explain but again I could not understand her explanation. My friend and I both were confused and in frustration I signed. When I brought the car back I saw the extra insurance charge but was told because I signed the "contract" the charge could not be removed. Contacted Dollar Corp. and was denied any refund. Search for a Location Choice Service Locations Local Dollar Sites Driving Directions EXPRESS Learn More Contact Us Log In Renter Rewards FAQs Feedback Forgot Password Lost Your ID rental car insurance rates dollar. Can I get lower car rental rates by calling Dollar's rental car reservation center rather than booking online? auto insurance quotes safe auto.