car insurance for washington dc

car insurance dc vs virginia

by charlie. I agree with the post immediately preceding my post that the study got it wrong.  The problem with studies is they are based on certain assumptions.  You cannot rely on a study to know your personal situation.

 But, if you also throw insurance rates into the mix, the disparity becomes even larger.  Also, the study did not consider auto and homeowner's insurance rates.     For what it is worth, I am an attorney and a CPA and I practice tax law -- I am a partner in an international firm.     Good luck with your research, but don't forget to call your insurance agent and ask what will happen to your auto and home insurance rates when you move to MD or DC.

No amount of spin can make up for the fact that the DC income tax is not competitive and too high. Likely homosexual households - Lesbian couples (% change since 2000) vern fonk auto insurance. 2. Houses in DC are actually cheaper than *comparable* houses in most of Arlington and certainly than in the nicer parts of Alexandria.