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my car was involved for an accident two months ago insurance auto auction baltimore. i inquired and able to talk to the assigned adjuster. her name is patricia v. With in two months, we only contact each other for 2 -3 times.
just short talk. Second is to know the update , to let us know how much is the damaged and we might pay out of pocket and last was to re update as its been weeks. Since we received a call from rcmp asking about our report, i needed to call her . It is very hard to get thru and cannot reach her line. for her to call me back to. So happy that she was able to call me back after several tries reaching her but only to hear a "rude" voice from her saying, "i am extremely busy person, I will call you when i got an answer from other insurance company" ", you keep asking the same question over and over again" (which i didn't, we just talk 2-3 times but i didn't asked over and over again). I wish the supervisor could hear our conversation. I was calm but so disappointed and so frustrated. She keep saying i will call you as soon as i get an answer but when? she said it can reach two year to settle??? for god sake..

I have been with AMA since i start driving and this is my first time to complain. i am not a complain person . God knows but this time i feel so hurt and frustrated..

i asked if where can i get an answer to my question or if i can change her as my adjuster but said "unfortunately not". i understand she might be busy as she keep on mentioning, but that is her job. I am also busy with my job and my personal but i am trying to escape from my job just to call AMA to get thru promised service. We pay expensive monthly premium for that service yet not so worth.

i told her she could have say it in a nice way not being rude and explain to me about the insurance thing . she must always remember i am a costumer and she provides service. I am not even harsh and talking in a nice way yet she feels irritated. I wish the manager could discipline and not tolerate that kind of attitude. For now, i just feel so bad.

. You can also pay your AMA Insurance premiums through telephone or online banking ama auto insurance cancellation policy. We are usually identified as the Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company (or a slight variation of). Please contact your financial institution to find out if the Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company can be added to your list of billers or payees.

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Injury or death of drivers resulting from an on-the-job collision. There is a two-year limitation date on your claim for medical benefits. However, there are other applicable timelines that may affect you. Your claims adjuster will discuss the applicable timelines and deadlines with you.

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